Nowadays, before issuing any driving license to car driver or motor cyclist, one has to pass a stringent driving test paper, which is also conducted online. The idea behind such test is that all new drivers must be sensitized about safe driving practice by knowing various road rules and signs so that fatal accidents on the roads may be minimized. The main objective behind such written test is to make people study and learn all the necessary rules of driving in the road.

If you plan to book theory test online then it will be a good idea to read the driving rules very carefully with understanding and also implement them when you actually drive on the road.

If you look at the driving test as a whole then there will be two parts as follows:

  • Theory test
  • Practical test

In the theory test following things are included:

  • Attitude test of the driver
  • Understanding of various traffic signs and rules
  • What are the effects of fatigue, drug or alcohol in driving behaviour
  • Various safety and environment related issues with vehicles

Firstly, you need to clear the theory test in order to participate in practical driving test. In the test paper there will be total 35 questions related to driving and various rules etc. Every question will be followed by multiple choice of answers. In order to qualify for this test, you need to answer at least 30 questions correctly. Besides these 35 questions, there will be also hazardous perception test. This will test your perception skills to identify the right hazard on the road during actual driving,

In order to clear the driving online test paper, you have to pass these tests, which is available in number of different languages. You also need to pay necessary fees in order to appear for the test.

Hazardous perception test

It is also important to clear this test in order to obtain your driving license. This section is especially designed to test your judgement while driving on the road, how much you are aware about your surroundings while driving. There will be 15 questions and each of them will carry 5 marks, so the total marks for this test is 75. Out of which you must score at least 44 to qualify this test.

Practical test

After qualifying above written test and hazardous test, you will be eligible for your practical driving test. You need to pay separate fees for appearing in this driving test. If you appear for this test on Saturday or during evening of any other weekdays then you have to pay little extra amount as a fee for the driving test.

During the driving test, the examiner will closely observe you after giving certain special task or path to drive. Any mistake committed during the driving will be carefully noted by the examiner. If he can note 16 or more number of minor faults then you will be disqualified for license.

Therefore, you must come with fully preparated while appearing for both theory as well as practical driving test.

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